Victor Fung

Victor Fung was born and raised in Southern California, USA where he began his dancing career at the young age of 9 years old.  Mr. Fung studied Biochemistry and Business Administration at the University of Southern Calfornia, Los Angeles.  As a young dancing enthusiast he loved it from the start.  Mr. Fung immediately became the United States Amateur Champion and held that title for many years before turning professional.  Within a very short time, he became one of the top ranking Professional Ballroom dancers in the United States and throughout the World.  Together, with his dancing partner, Ms. Anastasia Muravyeva, he eventually achieved and won the highest ranking professional titles including the British Open Professional Ballroom Champion, International Open Professional Ballroom Champion, and the United States Professional Ballroom Champion Titles.  One of Mr. Fung’s greatest passion is to help others and to give back to his community.  He brings with him his passion and love for dance and is helping others to not only achieve their dreams but giving those less fortunate the opportunity to experience the love for dancing that he felt when he was a young child.