At the Dancing Hearts Foundation we aim to help underprivileged children not only learn how to dance but also how to engage in social activities that will teach children important life lessons. There’s no better way for children to learn valuable life lessons than through the activity of a Showcase. Showcases have in incredible number of benefits for the children and give the kids a chance to show what they’ve learned in their dancing. Participating in Showcases will also teach children how to become better more productive individuals and how to better contribute to our society when they grow up as adults. Some of the lessons learned from Showcases include the following:

  • Goal Setting
  • The Value of Hard Work, Practice, Dedication, and Commitment
  • Communication with other children or a dance partner
  • Relationship development
  • Community building
  • Peer Support
  • The Importance of Humility
  • Learning how to interact and communicate in front of a large audience

As we continue to grow, we will host more Dancing Hearts Showcases amongst the underprivileged children in our Dance Hearts Foundation and communities. We will post the blogs, pictures, and videos of our children in their Dancing Hearts Showcases here.

Thank you again for your kind support!